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Professional Development : Training for Bygrove Staff

CPD Quality Mark

In February 2011, Bygrove was assessed at having reached Grade A – the highest grade possible – in each of the 8 assessment areas for the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Quality Mark. The report said of the school:

“CPD is at the heart of the strategy to achieve (its) vision,” noting the following key strengths:

“The school’s outstanding commitment to CPD for all members of staff is evident in:

  • Equality of access to CPD for all staff
  • An effective induction & mentoring programme
  • The line management structure which provides well-focused & regular support & challenge to all staff
  • The effective balance between personal well-being & high expectations in performance management
  • The commitment to, and development of, the coaching programme
  • The development of leadership at all levels
  • The strength of the school’s engagement with its community”

INSET days

All staff take part in our 5 annual INSET days. These are big picture days where we move forward together on priorities that are key to the development of our school. We have one at the start of each of our 2 annual SDP priorities and 1 to review and plan future school development. During the other 2 days we often work with the local schools that we are in partnership with.

Staff Training Twilight Sessions

Each week we meet for training focused on our current SDP priority. This training is delivered both by school staff and experts from elsewhere. All teaching staff attend these sessions. Support staff are welcome to come along too and many do regularly.

TA Training

Although many teaching assistants attend the weekly twilight sessions we also run bespoke training once a half term for support staff. These training sessions link to the current priority on the SDP.

Link to our training timetable

Leadership Development

Each year we run a programme of bespoke training with a leadership consultant for a wide range of leaders in the school.  This has included team building, coaching and dealing with conflict. As a result leadership is effectively distributed throughout the school, staff feel valued and involved in shaping our future and leaders are more self aware and emotionally intelligent.

Link to Stephanie Mackellar

Training for the Midday Meals Team

The midday meals team members attend a short training session each week based on aspects of their role they have identified for development. They also take part in longer projects such as implementing Restorative Justice.

Line Management

Every member of staff has a line manager who meets with them at least once a fortnight. The role of the line manager is to support the professional development of their direct reports mainly using a coaching method.

Opportunities for Trainees and Early Careers Teachers

We really enjoy being involved in training new teachers or supporting the development of less experienced teachers. We work closely with a number of universities in this role and are always happy to welcome visitors to the school. If you would like to come and spend time at the school please email

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