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Year 1 ~ Kelly Holmes Class


Year 1 takes its inspiration from Dame Kelly Holmes, the runner who demonstrates outstanding bodily-kinaesthetic intelligence, ambition and perseverance. She wanted to win gold medals at the Olympics so she set her mind to it & worked hard. She won 2 gold medals at the Athens Olympics in 2004 and still holds the British record at 4 distances. Wow!

Autumn term – Once upon a time

We kick the new year off with a topic all about fairy tales, castles, knights and damsels in distress! Our classroom is purple and gold and the role play area is transformed into a throne room. Castles adorn each corner of the room and lights flicker creating an exciting environment to stimulate learning. Our first visitor is 'King Francis' and we get to ask this very illustrious figure all about his job.


We go on our very first visit to the Tower of London to see what a real castle looks and feels like.  When we return to the class we learn how to write a good re-count of our visit. We love writing in year 1 and especially when we get to write our own fairy tales based on George and the dragon and the Princess and the dragon. 

By the end of the term we’ve designed and made a 3D castle, made shields with our very own coat of arms and even learnt to weave fabric and wool. Our assembly of course is full of exciting storytelling and we get to show all of the artefacts and fun things we have made to the rest of the school and our mums and dads.

Spring term – Walking with Dinosaurs

After Christmas we move way back in time to the time of the dinosaurs. It all starts when we come in on the first morning to discover our classroom is a prehistoric world & we find a dinosaur egg in a nest & a bone! How did they get there? We have loads of toy dinosaurs & puppets for role play.

Once again, everything we do has a prehistoric theme; we read & write information texts but also write stories about fantasy worlds & poems about dinosaurs. As you might imagine, we do lots of science; we do experiments & learn about life processes – the things that all living things do. We find out what ‘extinction’ means & what we can do to stop it happening & learn about creation stories in RE. Our music is about dinosaurs & we do cave paintings to decorate the room.


For trips, our first stop is the Natural History Museum which is full of dinosaurs & fossils. If we’re lucky, we either go back to London Zoo to visit the reptile house or a visitor comes to school with some reptiles for us to touch & hold.

By the end of the term, our classroom really looks like a prehistoric land, we’ve all made a proper book about dinosaurs & we’ve written & performed for the school a song about dinosaurs.

Summer term - Globetrotters

It’s the final term of the year; we’re getting a bit older now & starting to think about travelling the world. Where can we go? How can we get there & what will it be like when we do? Our room becomes a travel agent’s, there’s maps & globes everywhere & there’s a plane to take us to far off places. We’ve got sunglasses, suitcases to pack & lists to make before we go.

Everything we learn is set in the context of travelling the world; we do loads of problem solving in maths especially with measures such as distance, time & weight; we read stories from other cultures in English & write poems inspired by travel & transport; we learn all about pushes & pulls & friction in science but also about light & dark (did you know it’s dark in Australia right now?). We’re also learning to speak Spanish in case we go to a Spanish-speaking country. We find out about pilgrimages in RE & we discover music & instruments from other countries & cultures. We also sing lots of songs about transport like the Runaway Train.


We go on trips to the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden, visit a travel agent’s & even try to get to London City Airport which isn’t far from our school.

By the end of the term, we are seasoned travellers; we’ve done lots of travel writing & made passports. But the most exciting thing is that we’ve had the chance to plan & go on a journey together!

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